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Spritz Ant Spray Indoor – Plant Based Petsafe - Non-Toxic Deterrent & Killer - USA-Made Works Instant On All Ant Types 16oz

Spritz Ant Spray Indoor – Plant Based Petsafe - Non-Toxic Deterrent & Killer - USA-Made Works Instant On All Ant Types 16oz

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  • NON-TOXIC PET SAFE ANT SPRAY: Made using natural ingredients and without any harsh, man-made chemicals you can use this ant repellent indoors without fear.
  • FAMILY & PET SAFE: We've made an ant killer that is safe for pets and children alike, lacking DEET and other dangerous chemicals. Making this ant spray safe for pets and kids means that you can use the ant deterrent indoors or outdoors without fear of hurting your loved ones.
  • MADE IN USA: Our ant spray is made right here in the USA, being developed to our meticulous safety and production standards. Being made naturally in our own facilities is a big part of what makes this ant repellent pet safe and not at all dangerous to you and your family when at home.
  • KILLS & DETERS ANTS: If you're looking for the best way to get rid of sugar ants without having to rely on harsh man-made chemicals, you're in the right place. Our ant killer formula is effective not only in killing the ants that you can see but also in deterring ants on their trails.
  • INSTANT ACTION: Use this ant killer indoor or outdoor for an instant effect, killing and repelling ants and other crawling insects in a matter of seconds. Solve your pest problem quicker than ever using Spritz 100% Natural Ant Spray whether inside your house or out in your backyard

Details: Introducing Spritz All Natural Ant Spray, an effective ant and crawling insect killer made without the use of any harsh or toxic chemicals. If you’re searching for an effective, fast-acting, and long-lasting spray for killing, deterring, and repelling ants without being packed with dangerous man-made substances, Spritz is the spray for you. Being made from natural ingredients makes this ant killer pet-friendly, along with being a safer choice for indoor use around your kids. Feel comfortable spraying Spritz indoors or outdoors, knowing that you won’t be putting anyone in your home at risk or causing damage to the environment. The natural ingredients of this spray also include some pleasant fragrances, so you won’t have to deal with unsavory, offensive odors after dealing with your ant problem. We make this ant spray right here in the USA to our country’s own meticulous safety and production standards, so you can be confident that you’re using a high-quality product whenever you pull out your bottle of Spritz. Along with instantly killing ants, roaches, and any other insects that you need to get rid of, the spray also helps to deter them from coming back when sprayed on their trails. Don’t cover your house in toxicity, choose something natural and effective with Spritz All Natural Ant Spray.

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