12 Pack Spritz Rodent & Pest Repellent Pouches Non-Toxic Pest Control Essential Oils- Rodents Squirrels Spiders Roaches and More

12 Pack Spritz Rodent & Pest Repellent Pouches Non-Toxic Pest Control Essential Oils- Rodents Squirrels Spiders Roaches and More

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  • Economical & Long-Lasting Protection - Spritz rodent repellent pouches provide long-lasting protection from rodents, rats, moths, insects, spiders, and mice.
  • Refresh the Air in Your Enclosed Space - These rodent repellent pouches emit a long-lasting odor that is pleasant to humans yet repulsive to rats and mice. Use in closets, clothing bags.
  • Pest Control that is Both Effective & Eco-Friendly - The insect repellent bag is made with a combination of essential oils that are safe for humans and pets, do not harm the environment, and quickly
  • Plant Based Ingredients - All-Natural Ingredients are used in the production of this product. To insects, the all-natural Rodent & Pest Repellent pouches
  • Convenient & Simple to Use Packets - can be easily placed where needed. Simply place a rat repellent pouch in any confined location to keep rodents away.

Details: Description: It's terrible enough to have to deal with insects when camping or in your backyard, but what about inside your home? When this happens, you'll need the best home insect repellent to keep those six- and eight-legged creatures at bay. However, there are so many to pick from that it's difficult to tell which ones function and which ones merely stink up your counter. Safe for both health and environment The Spritz Rodent and Pest Repellent Pouches are manufactured with all-natural substances that are both safe and effective. If you're looking for a nontoxic alternative to dealing with pests, this all-natural bug repellent is a great option. It is safe for pets and children, as well as being simple to use and effective. Natural Solution for Pest Control Pest Repellent Pouches have a patented blend of all-natural components that pests without emitting dangerous odors, toxins, or chemicals, allowing you to use them anywhere. Natural pest control works quickly and leaves the room with a great scent instead of poison that is damaging to your own health. Best For Repelling Multiple Insect Spritz plant-based Rodent and Pest Repellent Pouches can roaches, spiders, fleas, earwigs, stink bugs, mites, scorpions, and silverfish on contact and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Long-Lasting Effect Our mouse repellent pouch contains a lot of plant peppermint oil, which can emit a strong plant fragrance. The smell of peppermint oil for mice can be maintained for 30-90 days, its ability to rodents will not be weakened over time, no need to replace the insect repellent pouch any time soon. Wide Range of Uses Use inside kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, attics, closets, storage room, and living rooms, as well as on porches and patios. Plant essential oils can exert their remarkable effect anywhere.

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